Panasonic Cambodia Posts “Solar Lantern Donation Ceremony” on social media!

JELA, with the support of Panasonic Holdings Corporation, has been working to deliver solar lanterns to areas in India and Cambodia that are without electricity. This year, JELA is pleased to announce that 540 solar lanterns will be provided to Cambodia. The 540 solar lanterns will be delivered to poor rural families in non-electrified areas […]

The Video Version of “Encountering Psalms” by Carol Sack is Now Available!

In the midst of the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), JELA felt the need for prayer and spiritual healing in this time of crisis, and together with missionary Carol Sack, director of the Lyra Precaria (Prayer Harp) training course, we have created a program called “Encountering the Psalms” in 3 parts. The video “Encounter […]

JELA, UNHCR and Wesley Foundation sign agreement on Refugee Vocational Education Program (RVEP)
Support quota expanded to 4 students!

Since 2020, JELA and the UNHCR Representation in Japan (UNHCR Japan) have jointly offered the Refugee Vocational Education Program (RVEP), a vocational school study support (scholarship) program for people living in Japan with refugee backgrounds. This year, the Wesley Foundation has newly joined RVEP, and on March 30, JELA, UNHCR Japan, and the Wesley Foundation […]

JELA Scholarship Student Zimik Tamreichan Enrolls at ARI

JELA offers a scholarship to one student each year to attend the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) as part of the Institute’s service training program. ARI is a boarding school for organic farmers and rural leaders in developing countries. This year, Zimik Tamreichan from India was chosen as a JELA scholarship recipient. On Saturday, April 15, […]

Donation of Quilts from American Church delivered to Rural Families in Cambodia!

The quilting team from Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Wisconsin, USA, the mother church of JELA Board member Dr. Lowell Gretebeck, donated three quilts for JELA’s World Child Support Project. The donated quilts were delivered to families with children in rural Cambodia at the end of March by Dr. Gretebeck and others as relief supplies. One […]

Youth Volunteers Gain Valuable Experience from Mission Trip

Since 2001, JELA has been sending junior and senior high school students to the United States for Christian-based summer volunteer mission trips. In addition to home stays with local congregations, these trips involve one week of volunteer work while being immersed in an ecumenical Christian program. This year, from July 24th to August 6th, JELA […]

JELA – Asian Rural Institute: 15 Year Mission Partnership

JELA’s mission partnership with the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) in Tochigi began 15 years ago in 2003 when our foundation provided an educational scholarship to a young person from Indonesia to participate in the 9-month servant leadership program. Since the start of this successful mission partnership, JELA has provided scholarship support to 19 ARI students […]

India: Joyful Start for Eight Girls

JELA is working in partnership with Lutheran World Service India Trust (LWSIT) to provide a future of hope for these young girls from the slums of Kolkata. We invite you to join our mission of love. Giving Children a Future of Hope The Japan Evangelical Lutheran Association (JELA) has partnered with Lutheran World Service India […]

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