The Video Version of “Encountering Psalms” by Carol Sack is Now Available!

Carol from Psalms video

In the midst of the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), JELA felt the need for prayer and spiritual healing in this time of crisis, and together with missionary Carol Sack, director of the Lyra Precaria (Prayer Harp) training course, we have created a program called “Encountering the Psalms” in 3 parts. The video “Encounter with Psalms – Three Periods of Life ” is now available for viewing on YouTube. Click here to watch the video.

“Encounters with the Psalms” is a retreat program initiated in 2018 with support from Zion Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Shawano, Wisconsin, USA. Due to COVID-19 making it difficult to conduct retreats at the venue, we decided to produce the video with the church’s permission.

This work consists of three videos. In Part 1, a basic lecture on the pastoral harp and Lyra Precaria is given, followed by Part 2, which describes the interaction with patients to whom Carol actually delivered songs and harp prayers, from her perspective as a servant living in the love of Christ. Part 3, which ties together what was said in Parts 1 and 2, includes a prayer service with harp and song.

It has taken longer than expected to edit the video and create Japanese subtitles, so the release of the video had been delayed, but is finally available in its entirety on JELA’s official YouTube channel. We hope you will enjoy the video version of “Encounter with Psalms -Three Periods of Life,” which includes the testimonies and thoughts of the precious ministry of Carol Sack.

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The Video Version of “Encountering Psalms” by Carol Sack is Now Available!
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